Paradigm Shift Your Ultimate Power Profits

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Paradigm Shift Your Ultimate Power Profits

Post  gettyfv on Fri Aug 10, 2012 9:16 pm

YOU Have been invited to be a Founder by Getty Vidanes

The FIRST and ONLY of its kind Social Marketing™ PowerProfits™ in the World

Co-created by the greatest minds in network marketing

Partnering with the innovators of the patent pending Social Marketing PowerProfits System

Also partnering with the most influential marketing team directors in the world

Social Marketing™ is the new GLOBAL PowerProfits™ program that guarantees that 100% of ALL members earn commissions every 6 days... YES, you read it correctly... 100% of our members earn commissions in 6 days (or less)!

Tired of just 2% making all the money, now 100% earn commissions and share in the Company profits!

Social Marketing™ is a GLOBAL Paradigm Shift in the way to do business and share in profits!

Never need to refer anyone to earn... However, when you do refer others it Pays Big...

Just 2 qualified referrals can EASILY pay you OVER 100-times EVERY MONTH 3 qualified referrals can pay you OVER 500-times EVERY MONTH...

Everyone helps everyone

Huge bonuses paid on all personally referred people

Extra bonuses on ALL that sponsor through 4 peer-tier referrals

Outside customers drive incredible additional Profit Pools

.....Even if you never refer anyone!

PAID 6-Times Monthly on your own position

PAID 6-Times Monthly on ALL Social Group 1 referrals

PAID 6-Times Monthly on ALL Social Group 2 referrals

PAID 6-Times Monthly on ALL Social Group 3 referrals

PAID 6-Times Monthly on ALL Social Group 4 referrals

Pays on the 1st 4th 7th 10th 13th 16th 19th 22nd 25th 28th of every month!

Amazing Windfall MaxProfits that come your way every 72 hours
50% Bonus Pool from entire company available profits... Which will be in the MILLIONS

FOUNDERS enjoy LIFETIME Profit Sharing over and above Standard membership Plus many other added Perks...

Want to easily get paid over 25 times every month...
How about 50 times, or want to earn over 100 times a month...
OK, what about getting paid over 500 times a month or even more....

How easy is it to get paid over and over and over again... Very Easy! The below examples outline how quickly great things happen when you refer others... The following examples assist you in comprehending just how BIG of a Paradigm Shift this platform is.

Below is something amazing, something you have never seen before... It shows just how many times you get paid when you and others refer Members*...



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