The value of life

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The value of life

Post  qing321 on Fri Mar 23, 2012 3:28 pm

I do not know when you see the "dwarfs" reported, I would look like and what kind of mood, are sympathetic, moved, or disagree? Is happy that ridicule is still used to think that this is the results after the media rendering?
I first touched, moved after more ashamed. I feel ashamed for my own attitude to life and living conditions. In my life, I often did not get what you want and distress, I often can not mind this because some can not change the results, I often Ziyuan Zi pity to see the achievements of others, I often because a lot of outside vain things, constantly on the run ... I have too many disappointments, too much trouble, , that I often felt depressed and uneasy.
Height of more than 100 to more than one meter three pocket-sized people living in Lilliput. "Little Man" who was to form a performing team, every day on the stage performances for tourists. A program of performances, "Lilliput" all members of the collective performances for tourists "Grateful Heart" to thank the visitors to the way tickets charity. There was commented that this approach is immoral, "Little Man" are unfair, but for these dwarfs, but they have hope for a stable job and endless. Them performing two hours a day, to work on time, patterns of life, the most important is that they can feel equal and caring as a "group". Of them were awarded the love and the formation of the family through this platform, sharing weal and woe of them have friends, I would like to which sweat, tears, difficulties, hardships, but I think they feel more should be a peace and calm!
How can these so-called "normal people" can do to fulfill their duties to their work, life is full of hope, the world is full of Thanksgiving? In life we ​​have too many complaints,clarks boots, the main reason for these bad emotions derived from the comparison, we often consciously or unconsciously, and others, other people better than you. more than they have, clarks outlet , we seem to feel they have less, or began to despise their own things, and thus a psychological gap, it becomes not happy. "Pursuit of happiness" often become the target of everyone's way of doing things in our lives, To this end, we start to get busy busy busy making money, busy studying, busy, busy with love, busy with marriage, busy downtown feelings crisis ... We're too busy, mind-boggling, incredibly busy that we often stopped to look at the past through the road, not a little heart to experience the scenery along the way, did not go to sentiment we already have "happiness". In contrast, the "Lilliput" The world is full of hope and happiness! To this end, I am very ashamed.
Why do people live? What is the value of life? I believe everyone on this has its own attitude. The frequent occurrence wander into a dream gallop to pay several times the cloud of dust ", in fact, the essence of the Master's life are the same, whether emperors or flat head people, regardless of the path in life is brilliant or mediocre, the final will go the same end point. Start and end is not the true meaning of life, between life and death process is the life of the most abundant content. In the short or long process, in what state of mind to face, what kind of behavior to survive in this process are for the end is why? I think, no matter how, in order to find inner peace and tranquility. With this understanding, our lives perhaps would not have so many desires, there are so many comparisons, we would not have so much trouble and uneasiness. Our lives a little more peaceful, less frantic, a little more indifferent, less utilitarian, to give up a little more, and less persistent.
What is happiness? A lot of people to understand the happiness to have access to that happiness comes from the possession of external things, such as money, power, clarks casual shoes, so the person's life into the pursuit of these external things of life. Schopenhauer said: Happiness is not painful. When people obsessed with thinking about how to reach through a variety of ways and means of the so-called "happiness" when, in fact, he is not happy, and farther and farther from happiness.
External things is always possible away from us, there is no stability, is not reliable, only its own intrinsic qualities, including their emotions, thinking, perception, and the most important attitude to life, this is take away, this is truly their own. Therefore, there is no need at any time may be left us something but sadness, anxiety is not necessary because the pursuit of these vain things and distressed, unhappy.
Life needs the sense of balance in life to explore the value of life ......


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