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State of mind

Post  qing321 on Wed Mar 28, 2012 1:29 pm

The sun Chuanchuang into the house, oblique Hui on the wall, painted a bright golden yellow. Moths abruptly stopped at the axis of the landscape fly, rotate silently in the house. The sun is about to finish its own way, but she will shine tomorrow, and still cycle along the piece of timeless way; moths, but perhaps such as less than be killed tomorrow, into a handful of dust. The world thousands of biological activity also died, some a little consciously or unconsciously, but the pursuit of a ridiculously long life eternal, and in fact all living things eternity, even if it only existed in the world one second, that second there will be eternal. I do not go to the pursuit of illusory eternity. Eternal, already exists in my life.
Eternity is what? It is actually feeling, the fluctuations of life.
Feeling, fleeting, to grasp the feeling, no name-like, not to express any concept in the process of time, will eventually settle down, cemented the kernel of an intractable, deeply buried in the human heart. But to explain it, because people can not understand their own. Can not know things have eternal significance; eternal, is to encase in an instant. I know, I feel that moment, the compression of mankind since time immemorial experience.
The sun is about to fall, the coming night. Upcoming dream. That may be the shape of the kernel.


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