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True love non-mark

Post  qing321 on Thu Mar 29, 2012 1:17 pm

Department of spring mood short Stir Far End of the World nearly every flower Yin people, we can already feel the breath of spring, but the window of the acacia tree, no signs of recovery, and as long sinking, Chen Feng heart, and not the slightest change in the arrival of spring! Life, some things may we ignore, but never to be forgotten by us; Some people may be hurt, but always do not hate us. Each meet, you always tears on the heart, but I always able to see the care you love. I can not remember this many times in my dreams, how many sleepless nights, I will lift mine eyes to the sky, the cool and bright moonlight like the eyes watching me, so I pride Dousheng. There is always an emotional unbearable, there is always a kind of spiritual mind waves, there is always a force to take us through the suffering, there is always an idea for our impassioned. I can not get just that I abandoned years? Life is always the case, we exhausted, running around, too many things that we inadvertently overlooked. When we are too small, only know to possess and enjoy, but do not know how to be grateful Fortunately, we will be out the cost, despite the pain agony, at least we will have a moment's peace of mind. Unlimited maneuver the wind in the open field, wander, like a large forest in the wanton throughput expression of deep breathing, my breathing is hurried up. The strong winds which pass through those withered leaves on the wind dances, fast dripping intoxicated. Yela although the sound of love, but no trace of love to the depths of the side is hate, but I would like to Succeed anyway!


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