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grouth footprints

Post  qing321 on Fri Mar 30, 2012 1:46 pm

This is called the original society roll, although always change the mentality of people, after working for some time, most are tired of their current work, in fact, this is just a state of mind, by a yearning for, and gradually become a habit now, this process is called change. Own work and now I feel very strange, and each time is a challenge for me, this kind of work makes me feel very scared, let me sleep a serious decline in quality, but also remember an acquaintance catch-phrase , "you lost", do not praise my body, or in pity I work hard. Anyway, I'm from these inside feel a trace of care.
This year, I am no longer young, or nothing, lived a life of ease, began slowly habits of this stable, gradually motivated not always plan talks about always, tomorrow I what to do, my work, walk around, travel frequently, and the rest of the time doing the most is trance, in fact, I would not use the time, perhaps the popular point, I was a waste of time, An hour often heard inside the school, now does not work. For those saying, I forgot about the real world does not need too much famous, only some lies to convince myself that they can live peacefully.
Look at an inventory of the documents on hand, in addition to a little computer intermediate certificate, as well as an undergraduate certificate can be found now the streets, I have nothing, including the past two years since the efforts of the proceeds, in fact, not many, there is no like others said, there are several of the bank passbook zero, I have these two zeros replaced buy Clarks shoes, Clarks originals had. So ... bankbook empty. If there is a big deal in urgent need of money, I think I could get it out.
A day out has been more than a year, the only good news is that, the work took me to many different places now, let me see to the outside world, but those are usually people love to play local customs, I really do not understand. So I have been very envious of those backpackers, desperate to some amusement. I really want to know, all these years, what I got.
A few months ago, I plan to write a program, but for now the market point of view, these are not feasible, without any practical significance, the Chinese are not like to seek truth from facts? So everything is back to reality, is because of this, I did not write down their own ideas and never express their meaning, whether it is work or life.
The company there are many things worth to me to learn, but my heart is not here, every day in mind? Perhaps this way to work, hoping to leave work early, this is the mentality of the majority of wage earners have, sometimes I will work to find something to look at, I hope to give yourself a little room for improvement, remember that someone I said, is a potential shares, in fact, everyone are, just look at would be willing to upgrade it.
I've always wanted to pursue further studies English with computers, today's world of these two courses are compulsory, computer technology has in-depth the various industries, English, international communication language, I also have to learn, I have a long way to go , we can not be confined to this small place, Although no one knows, but now learn knowledge, the future is how it can be inferred out.
Most want to do one thing, that is, ~ ~ ~ want to be able to


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