Hainan trip

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Hainan trip

Post  qing321 on Sat Mar 31, 2012 2:00 pm

Distance on the 28th to Hainan now has so many days have passed, do not write the words of this travel, and after that will have forgotten clean, so immediately write hehe
Sina blog over there last week has been engaged in a written Hainan travel. But then after opening the home page are garbled, looking Drafts can not find the cup with it! Who can help me that Sina blog! have mercy on my rookie, only in the crazy, can not start it ...
The son of old, I have not flown it a helpless look, I said, we all want to tell you off to but you did not meet the requirements, we can only cancel the plan it, but if this shock up son role. each time the exam was smashed and very nonchalantly, like not not go to the chanting ... the usual holiday release, the students have to show off at his side, where play, buy how much clarks boots has sat numerous aircraft. got the son of inferiority feeling so bad, is not it, so in they are capable of timely in that vulnerable children mind that play of injections it! so I decided to take advantage of the son is not school, the couple leave to accompany the little princes to fulfill this wish!
The full buffet. Plane ticket 760 yuan, the Eastern half of the three of us air fare plus taxes and insurance for a total of 4500 yuan or ask a friend to help buy before departure, I looked clarks outlet online for two days, have seen vertigo gum are out, and liver injury, na, hey, not sort out what clue, go to where to play where it.
February 8, 2012, we set off. 14:10 minutes of the aircraft. Ten o'clock after dinner, drive to Wan Jiang Huanan MALL, sitting through Baiyun Airport bus to buy a ticket and 59 yuan per person , got on. want to use the camera to record the time of OH MY of GOD OH MY of GOD! when the husband in listening to the phone, immediately stop and ask, have missed what??? My God, my clarks originals! very much aware of that I do not so be it .... camera! drain the camera ... ooo, ooo ... actually forgets to bring a cup! smug woman. have prepared so many sets of brightly colored clothes to the photo, guys can not flatter yourself ... hey ... calm calm, there is no way, drain leak, can only blame themselves careless fast to pack frustration. good to meet the sun and sand.


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