John Rosatti: From Humble Beginning to Galloping Businesses

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John Rosatti: From Humble Beginning to Galloping Businesses

Post  johnrosatti on Thu Apr 05, 2012 8:40 pm

There are two types of successful men in this world. First are the ones who are born with silver spoon in their mouth, grow and graduate to take control of an already blooming firm. Second are the ones who start from the scratch and make themselves jaw dropping fortune. While first ones are plenty, the second are hard to locate. If an example had to be put in writing, John Rosatti would surely belong to the latter category with his humble beginning laden with struggling years.

In the year 1978, he decided to slip into an entrepreneur’s shoe and brought a pre-owned vehicle dealership store. As the time passed, he kept on working in the same field to give birth to Rosatti Auto Group. As business bloomed, Rosatti covered new turfs and spread his business to Florida, Nevada, and New Jersey. By the year 2001, his automobile business was minting money for him.

As John Rosatti climbed the ladder of success, he decided to explore new investment territories and reached the shores of Florida to try his luck in the real estate business. By then, he developed the Midas touch of his own and went on become a big name in the real estate circles of New York and Florida.

As time passed by, Rosatti collaborated with business associate John Staluppi to bring alive Millennium Super Yachts, a firm specializing in composite yachts hiring business. Now, I don’t think I need to tell that buying a yacht is not like buying a banana split. These sleek water drifting machines come with a heavy price tag and this is where John smelled an opportunity. With his yacht charter firm, he catered to the clientele looking for an experience of blue waters and luxury.

John Rosatti didn’t stop there and went on to found The Office Delray and Vic & Angelo's. Now, this may seem to be the work of at least ten or probably twenty men but believe my word if I am saying that his was the sole brain behind all the advancements and businesses.

In the year 2011, he entered the business of hospitality by becoming the founding partner of BurgerFi. The joint deals in organic burgers (beef), fries and beverages and has unsettled the water of hospitality industry in USA with its growing network. The term being used to launch the idea of BurgerFi is ‘Burgerfication of the Nation’.

The business magnet also has a flourishing business of classic and vintage cars. With money pouring in from all four directions, masses wonder whether the man himself is signing files and studying business models all day?

Well, the truth be told, half of the day is spent in the same while the other in attending Boat shows, attending social gatherings and engaging in philanthropy.

Though he regularly features in Motor Yacht Magazine and Showboats International, the day is not far when he might appear in the cover of Fortune 500 or even Times!

For more information, please visit: John Rosatti


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