John Rosatti: The Man With The Midas Touch

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John Rosatti: The Man With The Midas Touch  Empty John Rosatti: The Man With The Midas Touch

Post  johnrosatti on Wed Apr 11, 2012 1:40 pm

Most of us slog all our lives but aren’t able to realize our full potential and keep on struggling with relationships and finances equally. On the other hand, there are some few who have the Midas touch in whatever they do and the same element takes them to unimaginable heights. John Rosatti is one such man as anyone could easily derive from his history in business and entrepreneurship.

Kick starting his career as an entrepreneur in 1978, John Rosatti purchased a pre-owned vehicle dealership store. Spreading his wings with the passage of time, he went on to become the founder of Rosatti Auto Group. He took his business to Florida, Nevada, and New Jersey earning serious money at the same time.

When he had enough of the auto business, he thought of experimenting in the field of real estate and spearheaded the venture from Florida. The idea struck gold and he went on to spread his business in New York too.

Quite recently, John Rosatti became the founding partner of the burger joint, BurgerFi. The chain of eating joint serves fresh organic burgers, beverages and fries to its customers and has created quite a buzz in US. Even though this much is enough to Hence-Prove the Midas touch theory but just for record’s sake, he also owns a yacht and classic cars business.

For more information, please visit: John Rosatti


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