Welcome to Thon Vy Café – the famous bonsai coffee shop in Hue City, Vietnam

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Welcome to Thon Vy Café – the famous bonsai coffee shop in Hue City, Vietnam

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Thon Vy Café is located near the center of Hue City with a quiet and fresh space. It has an area of over 1,000 m2, being opposite to Con Hen in poetic Vy Da Village. Thon Vy Café was formed by the passion of two young people Diem Thi & Duc Thinh and Hue bonsai artisans. It is named Bonsai Café or also Thon Vy Café.

Overview of Thon Vy Café

With over 100 years old ancient bonsai trees such ancient 21 - foliage Ficus indica L under the old roofs, Thon Vy Café is more impressed and charming with the rays of morning light through Betel Nut Palm trees and Camellia sinensis plants, the sound of birds singing and water flowing. All will make you feel serene. The scene which is reminiscent of Han Mac Tu, the poetist of poem "Đây thôn Vỹ Dạ" (Here Vy Da Village) with verses just for a person ... has created a private poetic space for someone who likes to create new ideas.

Bonsai tree at Thon Vy Café

The immortal songs of Trinh Cong Son, Trinh Nam Son, and Ngo Thuy Mien will make you feel really relaxed and energized after each working day.

In the afternoon, when the sun is dimming, the light of the lanterns at Thon Vy Café will create a magical shimmering view in the garden and adorn the beauty of old imperial Hue City.

Coming to Thon Vy Café, you are sure to find the quiety and comfortableness for yourselves and your soulmates.

The beautiful scene of Thon Vy Café has made itself become one of the famous café in Hue; and it is also the place for Hue Fullbrighters to meet and exchange business ideas.

For more informations, please visite website of Thon Vy Café at http://www.cafethonvy.com


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