Windows 7 improved security increase the difficulty on password reset

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Windows 7 improved security increase the difficulty on password reset

Post  poulheuly on Wed Feb 29, 2012 4:04 pm

As the fact that many effective password reset solutions used for Windows XP doesn't work for Windows 7 due to its improved security features and you may have to find a new solution when you need to recover your locked computer password and get back in. Windows 7 is said to be the most secure release ever of Microsoft as the newest Windows OS version. And in fact it is indeed more secure than its predecessors like Windows XP and Vista, which users are happy to see. But when you forgot Windows 7 password to login your laptop, you may be not so happy.

Here we well firstly discuss the popular solution works on Windows xp but on Windows 7. The purpose of Safe Mode is to help troubleshoot computer problems by operating with a bare minimum of drivers and Windows components. By reducing what is running, Safe Mode can help you diagnose a problem caused by a faulty driver or software. All versions of Windows come with a diagnostic setup called "Safe Mode". Many average computer users are unfamiliar with the purpose of Safe Mode and only encounter it when there has been a system crash or similar problem. They are then puzzled by what to do next.

The next is to show you the efficient way to regain access your locked computer with a Windows 7 password recovery tool. Majority of Windows password recovery software like Windows Password Breaker is to help users reset Windows 7 password in 3 simple steps: Burn a password reset CD/DVD/USB flash drive, then boot the computer form the burned CD/DVD/USB, then you can reset Windows 7 Password under DOS commond prompt.

You don't need to feel worried about the password reset process, you can find detailed instructions about BIOS settings in Help document or program user guide. We believe step 1 that burn a password reset CD/DVD/USB flash drive is Ok for ant user, but it will be a problem when it comes to step 2: Boot form burned CD/DVD/USB as many common PC users have no idea about BIOS settings.

More tricks and tips for you:
If you store some confidential or private data under your Windows user account, it's highly suggested that you password protect the user account to prevent unauthorized users from attempting to access the confidential data. It's also highly recommended that you should create a Windows password reset disk to in case of a lost Windows password. There are actually 3 types of user account you can create on a Windows 7 machine: administrator, standard and guest. A guest account comes in handy when you just want to let one of your friends check their emails, or something similarly simple in nature. It is turned off by default in Windows 7.


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Re: Windows 7 improved security increase the difficulty on password reset

Post  dlj0811 on Sat Mar 03, 2012 11:15 pm

Thanks for sharing
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