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Post  qing321 on Sat Mar 24, 2012 1:59 pm

Said here is the travel, rather than tourism. Given the difference between travel and tourism in the online search is that the travel is to observe the scenery around and things trip, read a lot, relatively so refers to the personal experience and feelings. Tourism is in play, usually a group trip, the focus is to watch and play. So that the meaning of travel to more focus on the enjoyment of the process of the mind to relax and wash away.
Recent years alone, or together a few people on the road to be known as backpackers, travelers, people abandon the aircraft to select the ride, not the cable car but on foot, of course, not a tourist in the whole process, but a true sense of travel, they enjoy is not the end of beauty, but chasing the beautiful scenery along the way enjoy the mood. A growing number of travel agencies, more and more hot tourist routes, more crowded places of interest are always people want to use the annual holiday along for the ride, but whenever he comes back, in retrospect, in addition to fatigue and congestion the crowd, and no memory will be retained for a long time. But rather an early spring weekend, alone, wearing a backpack clarks shoes riding a bicycle wearing a headset, early morning departure in the evening returned to see the scenery, chasing down the sunset, this wanton free and easy relaxed frame of mind will let the whole season full of vigor and vitality. This was exactly what travel is different from the significance of tourism.
Everyone should have then several trips from their homes to study if this is the long travel, if you simply work in that, living in that, then return to their homeland, clarks outlet in the long journey, lying on the window side to recall childhood climbed the tree, climbed over the wall, thinking about life now and in the end match which childhood dream, into a travel iron of several student; after graduation, man to recall the journey of the past, the destination becomes less important, the way that a long absence, tacit communication and concern is the significance of the trip; children quietly grown into strong and The ups and downs will be of independent youth, a very short three-day holidays, a three selected a coastal highway, drove to stop walking, not disturbed is not binding, and enjoy their grandchildren, children's laughter and the waves the whole Travel the most important memories. If you just had a travel experience of a group of people, or follow the group cursory, if you do not have a quiet time reading a book of love, there is no opportunity verbatim taste of a song, a poem, then you have time to travel, to put aside the family chores, long time no progress clarks-shoes increasingly heavy thoughts, on the road to get back to the original, perhaps in the sea washed the feet recede the moment, a lot of little annoying things came out of the waves together drowned in the boundless ocean.
June weather, warm not hot, just right for travel, too long without Ce Guotou look at the scenery along the way, stop to look past people, time to give your mind and body a vacation, may not have time to come to a long time travel, but also in a weekend, walking, cycling or driving, stop and go, do not ask the end forget the time, just quietly enjoy the experience once belonged to the significance of their own travel.


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