Warrior Custom Golf: The Pro of Drivers and Woods

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Warrior Custom Golf: The Pro of Drivers and Woods

Post  johnrosatti on Wed Apr 11, 2012 4:38 pm

Those who swear by their drivers would agree to the title with quite an enthusiasm while the rest must be pondering where driver and woods fits in. The rest would not be attended to as this work of words concerns only those who are familiar with the nitty-gritty’s of the sport we call golf. Woods, Irons and the like form the pack of golf clubs which avid golfers probably love more than their spouses. And here we are discussing the rising giant of golf; namely Warrior Custom Golf.

As the clock turn, changes come in every field. In the same way, the sport of dotted balls and swings has also seen its share of alterations. The game of golf was in for a radical change when the concept of custom golf clubs came around. The explanation offered was that every golfer is different and thus requires golf clubs which fit into his style of play. Now, off course as always happens, the theory was initially laughed at but with the passage of time, pros of the game realized that the logic makes perfect sense. Experiments were made and custom golf concept passed with flying colors.

Warrior Custom Golf (WCG) is one of the big fish in the arena of developing, manufacturing, and marketing golf clubs. It has a loyal customer base all over the world. Along with the clubs, the Irvine, California based firm also has a range of balls, bags, junior clubs, hats, and sunglasses. This means that WCG deals in everything that is connected to the stylish sport.

Now, we all know that every sport ask for two things; first is no doubt skill and the other is again no doubt money. Skill is something which is omnipresent in every sport while the second factor varies from game to game. For instance football requires some pair of feet and a 10 dollar ball (even that is too much, I think). And there are games (like golf) which require equipment and gears which give a right hook to your bank account. We know money is not a big deal if you are an enthusiast, business tycoon or Tiger Woods but if a $500 worth of a driver is not adding to your game, then what is the point of buying it in the first instance.

This is where WarriorsCustomGolf stands apart. Not only they don’t charge nuclear bomb for golf clubs, one can always hand it back if it doesn’t work. Yes, that means keeping only if one finds it useful. Else, Warriors would be happy to take it back!

Now, it is not for killing time that professionals test play 10 similar seeming drivers before heading for the big game. Here, the logic is that no golf club is similar. From those ten, a player had to find the one that fits best to his style.

Warrior Custom Golf clubs are evolved from the latest technology (nowadays Wide Sole) in the business. Thus, the chance of you striking gold in the friendly office game gets even stronger.
Make a smart choice because it’s your money. Happy Swinging.

For more information, please visit: warriorcustomgolf.com


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